Actino Catalog Server


Catalog and shop system

Actino adds a shopping cart with search functions, calculations, e-mail or fax order, Webshop connectivity and much more to any PDF document.

The system solution turns a static PDF catalog into an interactive shopping experience for customers. With the help from the production environment, the documents can be reused from print and converted into a digital application, finally added with order functions. The distribution can be done by DVD or transformed into FLASH / HTML5 for online purposes. In all cases, the page content is linked to the product or article databases to receive the current pricing, other commercial information, descriptions, discounts and availability.

  • Catalogs on DVD or on a web server
  • Display of the prices and variants
  • One-click-order
  • Connection to shop systems
  • Support of standard order formats
  • Article search, purchase order by fax or e-mail
  • Automated creation of forms
  • Application of DVD without installation
  • Hyperlinks and bookmarks to navigation
  • Copy of the contents and descriptions
  • Individual launching application


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