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Qualifications Statement

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Access2online Inc is a private-sector corporation registered in Oregon and operating since 2016. Under a joint venture with Oregon’s prison system, Access2online operates inside the state prison for women. Our analysts are inmates and parolees who have been formally educated in accessibility. They have gained vital experience working hands-on for us over the years.

Standards to Which We Can Help You Comply

(some of which we helped write)

Guaranteed full compliance to accessibility standards and legal requirements.

  • Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act
  • Title II or III of the ADA
  • WCAG 2.0/ 2.1, WCAG-EM
  • California’s AB 434
  • Texas Proclamation 2020
  • Section 1557 of the Affordable Care Act.



  • Members of the International Association of Accessibility Professionals (IAAP)
    • Accessible Document Specialist Certification Working Group
  • Members of the PDF Association
    • PDF/UA Accessibility Services Working Group (TWG)
    • PDF Accessibility Liaison Working Group (LWG)
  • Members of the W3C
    • Accessibility Guidelines Working Group
    • Accessible Rich Internet Applications Working Group
    • Community Council
    • EPUB 3 Working Group
    • Linked Data for Accessibility Community Group
    • Publishing Working Group

Over 4 Years of Experience in the Following Service Categories

Document Remediation (PDFs)

Provide an accurate, comprehensive, and cost-effective way to achieve document accessibility compliance. Our deliverables meet Test Criteria Standards including but not limited to: WCAG, PDF/UA, and ISO-32000 compliance for online PDF, MS Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents and forms. Our professional suite of tools automates our process while reducing costs and shortening delivery times.

Website Audits

Provide a solution that is simple, clear, and affordable producing a certification seal and/or a link to a Letter of Reasonable Accessibility signed by a Trusted Tester certified by the Office of Accessible Systems & Technology. Our deliverable is a clear Microsoft Word document and a detailed Excel spreadsheet with violation collection into a Summary of Webmaster’s Accessibility Remediation (SWAR). Our professional suite of tools will reduce cost and delivery time while increasing accuracy.

Accessible EPUB

Provide an accurate, innovative, and cost-effective way to achieve EPUB document accessibility compliance. Test Criteria Standards including but not limited to: WCAG and International Standards Organization as ISO/IEC TS 30135 parts 1-7. We also participate in the DAISY Consortium EPUB Working Group, the W3C EPUB and Publishing working groups. Our professional suite of tools will reduce cost and delivery time while increasing accuracy and because EPUBs are written in HTML our experience in HTML/website auditing gives us an edge over our competition.


Provide an easy, reliable, and cost-effective way to achieve video accessibility compliance. We provide Captioning and Accessible Transcripts. Our deliverables meet Test Criteria Standards including but not limited to: Follow DCMP, FCC, and/or WCAG. Our deliverables are over 99% accurate. Our professional software and tools automate our process while reducing costs and shortening delivery times.

Audio Descriptions

We package a client’s video into a presentation by the Able Player video player which has a simple switch to turn on audio descriptions — not yet available on YouTube’s player. We fit the audio description in spaces before or after the dialog if possible. An AAA rating requires a video that expands space between dialog, but an AA rating (all that’s required) does not.

Collaborative Accessibility Portal

Provide an industry-changing solution to your website’s assistive technology obstacles. We provide real-time help through chat, remote support, and detailed error reporting with our online incidence management system. Your accessibility statement is replaced by a certified Trusted Tester Coordinator empowering a help desk right from your website. Our deliverable strategically uses real-time support as an opportunity to collect information about website violations and provide you with a detailed report with instructions on how to correct it.

Staff Support

Provide a quick and simple way to help your staff deal with online accessibility questions and website design/redesign plans. Our highly trained analysts and certified Trusted Testers are ready to answer your staff’s digital accessibility questions. We have an online incidence management system your staff can use to submit their questions, for us to post our answers, and for your managers to see reports and keep for internal use. Our solution is to bring cost-effective answers to your staff and train them to produce born-accessible content.

Substantial Website Determination

Provide a solution that is simple, clear, and essential to large website compliance. Analysis and reporting provided by a certified Trusted Tester. Our deliverable is a WCAG-EM based determination of substantial webpages using structured methodology to encourage a consistent objective result.


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