Accessibility Engine – Automatically Tag & Create Accessible Documents



The ability to deliver accessible documents to comply with Section 508 of the U.S. Rehabilitation Act of 1973, as well as other mandates and initiatives, is a growing consideration for many organizations. The Solimar Accessibility Engine enables organizations to create workflows to automatically tag very large volumes of transactional PDF content to create PDF/UA (accessible PDF) files. The engine utilizes powerful, flexible indexing templates to target and tag content.

The Solimar Accessibility Engine applies these templates in automated workflows designed to address the needs of organizations that produce highly personalized content, including banks, brokerages, governments, insurers and schools. Combined with other Solimar products, the Solimar Accessibility Engine routinely supports creating accessible PDF documents from non-PDF source print data such as AFP, IPDS, LCDS, Metacode, PCL, PostScript and VIPP®.


  • Visual Templates – Makes setup simple, including defining headers and rearranging reading order.
  • Easy Tagging – Easily identify and tag text, images, and tables – including defining alternate text and selecting language.
  • Powerful Indexing – High-performance and multi-threaded power ensures quick processing of documents.
  • Extensive Tag Types – Article, Caption, Division, Form, Formula, Headings, Label, Lists,  Note, Paragraph, Part and more…

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