3-Heights® PDF Security


The 3-Heights® PDF Security component offers comprehensive functionality in two independent yet combinable areas: Electronic signatures and encryption.

Electronic Signatures
Applying an electronic signature guarantees the authenticity and integrity of documents, both of which are important requirements in electronic data exchange. Depending on the characteristics of the signature and the country it is used in, an electronic signature can be equivalent to signing a document by hand. Electronic signatures offer advantages with regard to the speed, security and automation of business correspondence.

The 3-Heights® PDF Security component is able to apply various types of electronic signature (simple, advanced and qualified). The component’s benefits include PDF/A conformity, embedding information on the validity of certificates (OCSP, CRL), time stamps and compatibility with signature hardware (HSM) for mass signature applications. The component can verify existing signatures by checking their integrity.

PDF documents used in professional circumstances contain important information that needs to be protected against unauthorized access and unintentional alteration. This is achieved by protecting PDF documents through encryption and user permission flags.

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