Harlequin Core

Do you need to build fast, scalable rendering solutions for your print workflow? Then you need the Harlequin Core. The Harlequin Core is a Raster Image Processor, or RIP. A RIP is a tool for converting a page description language such as PDF into a format that a printing device such as an inkjet print-head, … Read more


Direct is a new class of print software that drives print jobs directly to the printer electronics, without ever touching a disk. Direct unlocks the potential of your digital printer, breaking through all the software barriers for the next generation of faster, wider, higher resolution devices. Our award-winning integrated software pipeline includes: Streamline Direct™ – … Read more


  https://youtu.be/cx_Ob_3Ahh4 SmartDFE™ gives you everything you need to add label and packaging printing to any industrial production scenario: a complete single-source software and electronics stack that does everything from job creation through to printhead electronics. SmartDFE includes HarlequinDirect™, which gives you everything you need to take print-ready PDFs and then RIP, screen and stream … Read more


The SkyPDF series provides various functions for handling PDF with high performance and high quality, and products according to each environment. Application type Viewer for Windows/iOS Web Viewer Web API SDK for Windows/Linux Functions Creating PDF and PDF/A Viewing, Printing Merge, Extract pages Insert text and image Extract image and text Set security Create form … Read more


iText pdfOptimizer makes smart compression choices that save users memory space and increase speed. Rather than simply converting high-quality images into lower-quality ones using heavy JPEG compression, pdfOptimizer offers various ways to optimize PDFs. You can preserve image quality while achieving the smallest possible file size, convert image types into different file types, resize images, … Read more

ABBYY FineReader PDF for Mac

A high-quality, modern OCR application for macOS to convert PDFs, paper documents, or their images and incorporate them effortlessly into digital workflows. Wide set of advanced document conversion tools Superior quality of ABBYY OCR technology Support for the latest macOS® features Built-in PDF viewer Learn more on pdf.abbyy.com/finereader-pdf-for-mac


ConvertPDF.Today is a free service from Visual Integrity. Use it to convert PDF drawings and diagrams into 14 of the most popular vector and image formats in use today. It can also be used to extract text from PDF files. Unique among online conversion services, ConvertPDF.Today offers user-defined conversion options and is focused on converting … Read more

MARSpdf Processor

Powered by the MARS PDF library, the Processor can do absolutely anything with PDF. From creation to destruction, the MARSpdf Processor is limited only by the user’s imagination. Features of the Processor include… Unique feature Powerful feature Essential feature Benefits of the Processor include… This benefit That benefit The other benefit Learning more Watch our … Read more


ngPDF is a web application implementing Derivation of HTML from Tagged PDF in a predictable manner. So-called Tagged PDF documents contain additional invisible layer with semantic information of all visual elements in the document, which is used by the Derivation algorithm to represent the same content in HTML. To learn more, see the Usage Specification or watch the Next Generation PDF … Read more


We are proud to introduce a new iText 7 add-on, iText pdfOCR, which provides Optical Character Recognition (OCR) functionality to convert printed text in scanned documents and images into a fully searchable PDF/A-3u compliant format (PDF version 1.7) and make accessing those texts easier and faster. The iText pdfOCR add-on is built on the Tesseract 4 OCR engine technology, and … Read more