Navigating the PDF ecosystem

The PDF Association’s CTO, Peter Wyatt, will walk through the many and various free technical resources provided by the PDF Association. Understand: the roadmap and brief history across all PDF technical resources; how the technical resources are organized and arranged at and in GitHub; where to locate specific kinds of technical information; why … Read more

Barrierefreie PDF und Office – aktueller Stand

Mit den Bordmitteln von Microsoft Office oder LibreOffice ist die Erstellung von vollständig barrierefreie PDF-Dokumente nach WCAG oder PDF/UA nach wie vor nicht möglich. Mit jeder neuen Programmversion gibt es aber Kleinigkeiten, die sich verbessert haben. Der Vortrag (in deutscher Sprache) bietet ein Update der aktuellen Möglichkeiten und Grenzen der Office-Anwendungen Microsoft Word, Excel und … Read more

Tagged and Accessible PDF with LaTeX

In Summer 2020 the LaTeX Project Team announced the start of a multi-year project [1, 2] to produce tagged and accessible PDF from existing  LaTeX sources with no or only minimal configuration adjustments. In this talk we describe the current state of the project, the existing achievements, and our plans for future. References [1] Frank … Read more

PDF/UA und Office – Aktueller Stand

Was hat sich seit den letzten PDF Days beim PDF-Export mit Bordmitteln von Microsoft Office oder LibreOffice getan? Die Erstellung von vollständig barrierefreien PDF-Dokumente nach PDF/UA-Standard ist nach wie vor nicht möglich und erfordert eine Nachbereitung. Aber von Jahr zu Jahr kommt der PDF-Export einem brauchbaren Ergebnis näher. In dem Vortrag werden die wesentlichen Neuerungen … Read more

WCAG or PDF/UA: what’s the difference

At the moment WCAG validation is a legal requirement, while PDF/UA is not (unfortunately). In this talk we make an attempt to perform a gap analysis between these standards, taking PDF/UA-1 and Matterhorn 1.1 protocol as a basis and analyzing the differences. In particular, we suggest parts of PDF/UA-1, which are not a part of WCAG … Read more

Content accessibility for all screen sizes

With mobile claiming more than 50% of total internet usage for the past 5 years, the way we interact and manipulate content must continue to adapt. For all a lot of publishers, PDF is still the format of choice. But, how does that now apply to the devices we most often use today and into … Read more

What makes a tagged PDF a proper tagged PDF/UA document?

Tagged, accessible PDF documents are already part of the standard requirements of many companies – partly due to legal obligations, but increasingly also under a moral aspect. This requirement already arrived in most sectors, that’s for sure, but will increase much more in the coming years. Learn how the Matterhorn Protocol helps to understand the … Read more

Accessible PDF – How to tag content the right way

More and more PDFs need to be accessible and so PDF/UA compliant. Today it is technically possible to generate such files of of many tools without tricks hacks used years ago. But often there is one big challenge using such tools: How to tag content the right way? The PDF standard offers a set of … Read more

Lessons from implementing a PDF/UA-centric mobile reader

What does it mean for a mobile PDF reader to focus on accessibility? How does a PDF presentation optimized for accessibility differ from a strictly PDF/UA conforming presentation? What challenges and drawbacks with untagged PDFs come from this focus? In this session we’ll share the lessons we’ve learned to date in implementing a PDF/UA-centric mobile … Read more