ISO TC 171 SC 2 and TC 130: a summary

A survey of the major developments at “the ISO table” since the last in-person event in 2019. This session can help attendees to identify other PDF Days Europe 2020 sessions pertaining to specific technologies. This PDF Association session is presented by the Vice Chair, ISO Liaison Officer and Managing Director of callas software, Dietrich von Seggern … Read more

PDF in Variable Data Printing

In the concept of omni channel marketing, print is one channel amongst others in customer communication. Individualized print requires not only high speed printing machines – it also means that PDFs have to be processed (ripped) as quickly as these machines can print. And for that process the “inner qualities” of PDF files play an … Read more

Archiving email – as PDF?

Digital archives have to preserve not only the data formats, they also have to make sure that proper viewer technology is available in the future. For most paper like formats this is solved by PDF/A. But there are questions beyond the format: an email is often related to other emails and it may be more useful … Read more

Automate office files to PDF

Most office files are created with Microsoft Office and quality of conversion is defined by the degree to which it is the similar to what this suite creates – at least for visual appearance. What limitations do alternative converters have for Word, Excel or PowerPoint documents? What about emails created or received with Outlook? What … Read more

PDF/A-4, PDF/X-6 and the other new PDF standards

PDF/A-4 introduces various changes in features and structure of conformance levels. Also new are PDF/X-6, PDF/VT-3 and PDF/R. In addition ISO used the opportunity to harmonize all these standards so that it will be more straightforward for a PDF to comply with more than just one standard.