Strategies for Testing PDF Files

A staple in the toolbox of the Software Engineer is a solid test suite. Unit tests, Integration tests, and System tests are just a selection out of the vocabulary used on a daily basis. As PDF developers we also have a responsibility to make sure that the PDF files we produce and consume are conforming … Read more

Deformed table restoration in scanned PDF

As one of the most common data-representation formats, the table has taken a significant place in documents because of its capability of representing the wealth of information. However, in reality, a vast of tables are published in an uneditable format such as scanned PDF or photo. Therefore, the table reconstruction project aims to detecting the … Read more

The Ghent Workgroup 2022 specifications

The specifications of the Ghent Workgroup – built on top of the ISO PDF/X standards – are followed across the world and are built into a lot of major graphics arts applications. The Ghent Workgroup last released a major specification in 2015, which at that point included a shift from PDF/X-1a to PDF/X-4. Earlier this … Read more

On the security of PDF Signatures

Assumed to be secure for 15 years, our talk reveals what could go wrong while a PDF document is being verified. We elaborated novel attacks leading to critical vulnerabilities in all PDF viewers, most notably in Adobe, Foxit, and LibreOffice. As a result, an attacker can manipulate the content of digitally signed PDFs arbitrarily while … Read more

Interoperable document-based signatures

This presentation is primarily aimed at developers who are designing and implementing digital document workflows requiring trusted signature models. Electronic signatures are an essential part of digital transformation, and many vendors offer e-sign features. Vendor-specific implementations don’t usually allow interoperability, and trust is associated with the specific implementation where signature validation takes place. In 2021, … Read more

Making digital signatures in PDF more usable

Digital signatures have been an integral part of the PDF specification since version PDF 1.3. No other document format has such a deep integration of signatures. Well over 90 percent of all signed documents are PDF. This presentation shows the development of the digital signature component in the PDF standard from PDF 1.3 to ISO … Read more