Smart Legal Contracts and PDF

Smarter contracts and blockchain technologies are already transforming business processes across commercial, legal and financial sectors and yet “We still approach contracts in much the same way as we have done for centuries. Decades old software such as PDF and Microsoft Word is used to create and store agreements in a digital format, but they … Read more


When working with documents associated with a business process, often many actions are performed on and with a document. Splitting the document, adding and removing pages, changing metadata, extracting business related information. There are many different actions, that are relevant to the history and the state of the document. But way too often, the whole … Read more

How document understanding can leverage your PDF workflow

Document understanding is a constantly addressed topic and has become on top of the scene these last years with Deep Learning and NLP evolution. The PDF format is by nature unstructured, which implies sophisticated processes to extract and qualify information from such documents. In this presentation, we will discuss four ways to address challenges brought … Read more

Leveling up RichMedia

The RichMedia Annotation has been embraced by the 3D PDF community for moving forward with PDF 2.0; But exploiting the potential for Audio and Video RichMedia Content has proven more challenging.  We will discuss the several generations of embedded multimedia mechanisms in the PDF specifications,  the current (sad) state of multimedia support in the PDF … Read more

PDF Optimization horror-stories

Optimizing PDFs to contain just the right amount of structural information can sometimes be quite challenging. We would like to present autopsies of some of the more gruesome PDF Optimization issues that we’ve encountered. Exact case studies TBD, but potentially touching on Font optimization, weird resource trees, weird structure trees, and auditing PDF space usage.

How to make your PDF/A conversion easier

The first Apple iPhone (1st generation), which was termed ‘revolutionary’ was released in 2007 with the slogan ‘Apple reinvents the phone’. While many of us are using Apple iPhones now, it is doubtful that anyone is using the 1st generation anymore. 2 years before the iPhone unveiling event, PDF/A-1 was released in the form of … Read more

Barrierefreie PDF und Office – aktueller Stand

Mit den Bordmitteln von Microsoft Office oder LibreOffice ist die Erstellung von vollständig barrierefreie PDF-Dokumente nach WCAG oder PDF/UA nach wie vor nicht möglich. Mit jeder neuen Programmversion gibt es aber Kleinigkeiten, die sich verbessert haben. Der Vortrag (in deutscher Sprache) bietet ein Update der aktuellen Möglichkeiten und Grenzen der Office-Anwendungen Microsoft Word, Excel und … Read more

Facing a pandemic: hit and miss of PDF, how could we have done better?

France had one of the most restrictive laws during the pandemic. Long before vaccine passports were available, people had to fill out, sign, and carry certificates when they left their homes. In addition, while PDF was the electronic file format available by default, the government was using a basic, outdated version of it. The experience … Read more

What’s holding PDF back?

PDF has long become the de facto format for exchanging print-oriented documents on the Web, and for a good reason: it works, and reliably so! However, as the lowest common denominator it is an end-of-line format, and is under constant threat from HTML, which is reflowable, more flexible and, by definition, editable. Enhancements to PDF … Read more

Next Generation Forms for PDF

This session will present a summary of the progress of the forms technical working group. PDF forms require updates in several areas: Better accessibility Support for reflow Reduced reliance on JavaScript Modernization of the technology stack The presentation will elaborate on the motivations behind these changes and will summarize proposals to address each of them.