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Excerpt: axaio software is joining PDF Days 2021 as a silver sponsor, sharing its expertise with presentations on “Accessible PDF/UA documents”.

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September 8, 2021
by Karina Zander

axaio software participates PDF Days 2021 with presentations focusing on “Accessible PDF/UA documents”. René Treuber, Product Manager at axaio, will be giving two seminars.

What makes a tagged PDF a proper tagged PDF/UA document?

October 7 (Technical Days)

Tagged, accessible PDF documents are already part of the standard requirements of many companies – partly due to legal obligations, but increasingly also under a moral aspect. This requirement already arrived in most sectors, that’s for sure, but it will increase much more in the coming years.
Learn how the Matterhorn Protocol helps to understand the requirements of PDF/UA to identify the weaknesses of many publishing programs. Get an overview of the essential tasks and to which difficulties you have to pay attention.

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axaio MadeToTag – the tool for proper accessible PDF out of Adobe InDesign

October 19 (Solution Days)

MadeToTag is an Adobe InDesign plug-in to prepare and export InDesign documents as tagged, accessible PDFs. All those who have to create accessible PDFs regularly will get an easy-to-use tool that considerably simplifies and speeds up preparation, review, and creation steps. In addition, PDFs generated with MadeToTag meet the international PDF/UA standard (universal accessibility) to comply with legal regulations.

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