veraPDF 1.18 includes support for PDF/UA-1

Excerpt: Version 1.18 of veraPDF, the industry-supported PDF/A validator, is now available for download, and now includes support for PDF/UA-1 (machine checks) and other enhancements.

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April 22, 2021
by PDF Association staff

Version 1.18, the latest release of veraPDF, the industry-supported, open source PDF/A validator and component of the Open Preservation Foundation’s reference toolset, is now available from the release page.

Support for PDF/UA-1 (machine checks)

This release extends the veraPDF model to add support for PDF/UA-1 (machine) validation leveraging the Matterhorn Protocol.

Other changes since the last release

PDF Parser

  • fixed parsing of inline images
  • fixed token parsing on non-ASCII systems
  • fixed TrueType font parsing in case of different number of glyphs specified in maxp and post tables
  • fixed infinite loop in circular dependency of CMaps
  • added support for documents with zero pages
  • improved parsing of Type1 font private data
  • improved glyph width calculation for CFF fonts
  • fixed null pointer exceptions on invalid PDF documents (multiple places)

Core library

  •  fixed issues with STDIN support
  • added support for input files with non-pdf extensions
  • adjusted validation reports to support PDF/UA-1 profile
  • fixed URL validation in XMP metadata

Visit the release page to download the latest veraPDF 1.18.


If you encounter problems, or would like to suggest improvements, please add them to the project’s GitHub issue tracker: