Previewing PDF Days Online 2021

Excerpt: We preview some of what’s coming at PDF Days Europe 2021 with sessions in accessibility, production, security and core PDF technology.

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July 30, 2021
by PDF Association staff

The PDF Association’s Board of Directors has determined that PDF Days will go entirely online for 2021. A revised agenda is available and registration is open. All sessions are free!

PDF Days Online 2021 is an event for those professionally concerned with PDF technology. The agenda is packed with informative sessions presented by recognized experts from around the world.

Technical Days

As the world’s chosen digital document format, PDF covers a vast range of applications. PDF Days events provide a sampling of applications and interests but cannot begin to fully cover it all. Accordingly, at each event we select a few key areas of focus. For 2021 these are: PDF production, security and authentication, accessibility and core PDF technology.

PDF production

Among the most typical of document workflows is the process of generating PDF documents from source files, imaging systems, web-pages, databases or other PDF documents. These sessions offer perspectives on various aspects of PDF production, including:

Security and Authentication

Cybersecurity, and associated rigorous understandings of integrity are major subjects across every computing domain, including digital documents. The world runs on PDF documents, so even prospective vulnerabilities matter. PDF Days sessions focusing on various aspects of securing or authenticating PDF content include:


Governments and enterprises alike are increasingly requiring that digital document content be accessible to all users. Due to PDF’s inherent flexibility, the nature of authoring software and the variability in author awareness and skills, achieving accessibility presents challenges for software developers and authors alike. PDF Days includes several sessions directly pertaining to accessibility:

PDF technology

The core value proposition for PDF was established in the 1990s and remains fully operative today. End users continue to depend on PDF fundamentals: reliable, self-contained and precise representations of an author’s intent. The PDF technology space continues to evolve and grow as current marketplace demands are felt. PDF Days sessions focussed on the future of PDF technology and PDF implementations include:

Solution Days

Solution Days sessions are intended to inform end users of PDF technology software and applications of the latest offerings and other development by the companies that make PDF Days possible. The Solution Days will feature informative presentations on:

  • accessibility from AbleDocs and axaio software
  • archiving from callas software, Orpalis, Datalogics and SEAL Systems
  • PDF creation from Solimar Systems and Actual Reports
  • PDF processing from Foxit, PDFTron, iText and Aquaforest

Interviews with PDF Days speakers

Over the next month we’ll be publishing short previews of Technical Days sessions with each of the speakers. Three are already posted:

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