Centralized PDF transformation

Cette présentation vous aide à identifier des opportunités concrètes : Réduire les couts liés au stockage et colportage des images issus des processus de dématérialisation par une compression d’image avancée Harmoniser et optimiser vos documents numériques pour un accès universel, mobile et globale Accélérer et déminer les grands projets de migration vers le cloud car moins … Read more

Automate office files to PDF

Most office files are created with Microsoft Office and quality of conversion is defined by the degree to which it is the similar to what this suite creates – at least for visual appearance. What limitations do alternative converters have for Word, Excel or PowerPoint documents? What about emails created or received with Outlook? What … Read more

Clouds on MARS

In this presentation you’ll learn about migrating content into cloud based repositories and ECM systems, based on hard facts and ECM market data. Many cloud migration projects failed, due to a lack of content migration strategies. MARS company did better, looking at cloud storage costs and egress charges earlier in the project. Terrabytes were moved … Read more

Remote Worker Efficiency

In this presentation we will explore how remote workers lose thousands of hours accessing PDF documents. This has become a growing concern, causing a decrease in productivity as well as employee frustration. Not to mention, waiting longer for PDF documents to open is affecting employee response time and delaying customer requests. Learn how to improve business efficiency while working … Read more

Robotic Process Automation and PDF

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) uses software robots to mimic human actions and automate everyday tasks.  This session will explain the place that PDF plays in the range of solutions that may be classified as Robotic Process Automation and how RPA fits in the wider spectrum of automation. Use cases will be discussed and demonstrated.  Particular … Read more

The PDF format, an essential tool for the digital transformation

Le format PDF est une véritable boite à outil qui permet de résoudre les nombreux challenges posés par la transformation numérique (acquisition, impression, archivage, mais aussi interopérabilité, accessibilité, sécurité et Green IT).  Polyvalent, normalisé et universel, le PDF est en perpétuelle évolution et s’adapte aux besoins de tous grâce à une communauté active qui fait … Read more

PDF and Open Source

PDF is all around us and successfully drives many processes. But there are many circumstances when using a commercial software is not an option – for many possible reasons. What can be done in such situations? There seems to be one simple answer for these situations: just use open source! But those that had to … Read more

High-Security PDF Redactions

There is a well-defined mechanism for doing Redactions in PDF files; first, creating “redaction annotations” to mark up the items to be redacted, and then second, applying those annotations all at once. While simple in theory, in practice this process has been found to leak information. In particular, in a number of recent, high profile … Read more

Composing tables for Universal Accessibility

Tables are too often created the wrong way: sometimes they lack content, sometimes they are too complicated to understand, sometimes they are even misused. This comes with a cost for accessibility: the content of the table is difficult to understand, or not accessible at all. This presentation will give an overview of good and bad … Read more

Unlocking PDF Drawings and Diagrams

How to Open and Edit PDF Graphics in Visio, PowerPoint and on the Web During this session, the audience will learn about a simple, free tool for converting PDF-based graphics. By unlocking all objects, text, and attributes, drawings and diagrams can be edited in PowerPoint, Visio, and other applications. We’ll also take a look at … Read more