Roman Toda

Roman is first and foremost a software developer. C++ expert with more than 20 years of experience with PDF. He’s been developing all major PDF features in high quality PDF libraries and products like encryption, digital signatures, export and import, data extraction, low and high level PDF editing, rendering, forms, XFA, annotations, scanning & OCR. Technologist and team leader able to manage development processes. He strongly believes in open standards therefore he supports PDF Association in helping spread this message, working and actively participating in various technical working groups and ISO activities. In recent years Roman focuses on accessibility, reuse where he sees the future of digital documents.

Roman serves as CTO at Normex, trusted partner in software development, product management, and quality assurance. At Normex we have been continuously delivering some of the most successful products on the PDF market with millions of users. We provide custom development, and consultations and help businesses  build, deliver, sale and support advanced products and services.