Ivan Nincic

Ivan Nincic is the Founder and CTO of PDFTron Systems Inc. Having founded PDFTron in 1998 with the development of PDFTron’s SDK from the ground-up, today Ivan is responsible for shaping the company’s long-term technology vision and driving the gears of innovation across the company. His passion fuels PDFTron’s mission to empower customers with high-quality document processing technology that not only enables their digital document solutions today, but also revolutionizes how people engage with electronic documents going forward.

Ivan is recognized as a visionary leader, an innovative technologist, and a creative hands-on programming guru, invaluable at identifying and pursuing new research and technology initiatives.

He is also passionate about being involved and contributing to the evolution of document standards by serving as an active member in standardization bodies – including the ISO PDF Committee, 3D PDF Consortium and others.