Hans Bärfuss


  • Joint initiator and founder of the PDF/A Competence Center
  • Founder and CEO of PDF Tools AG
  • Founder and Member of the Board of numerous SMEs (GLANCE, Medica Medizinal-Informatik AG, CCS Creative Computer Software AG, IMA AG, Forte Advisors) in Switzerland
  • Developer of Software for the Processing of Electronic Documents (PDF, PostScript, TIFF, JPEG, etc.)
  • Developer of Video and Audio Equipment for TV and Film Studios
  • Developer of Compilers for Embedded Systems


  • Master in Electrical Engineering (ETH 1981, Cryptography, Prof. Dr. James L. Massey)
  • PhD in Computer Science (ETH 1994, Compilers, Prof. Dr. Niklaus Wirth)
  • Executive MBA (HSG 1994, Strategy, Prof. Dr. Martin Hilb)
  • Post Doc Studies in Computer Graphics and Digital Publishing (ETH 2006, Prof. Dr. Markus Gross, Disney Research Zürich)
  • Aerobatics Pilot
  • Classical and jazz musician, Sound Engineer