Dov Isaacs

For over 31 years, Dov Isaacs was a Principal Scientist at Adobe, Inc. with responsibility for end-to-end PDF publishing workflow and product interoperability issues. Dov also served as Adobe’s representative to several ISO TC130 committees associated with print industry standards including PDF/X and PDF/VT for which he serves as the chairperson and co-chairperson respectively. He monitors numerous InDesign, PDF, prepress, and printing e-mail lists and user forums, not only contributing advice and solutions, especially in the area of printing and PDF workflow.

Previously, Dov founded Adobe’s corporate product interoperability group and also served in other engineering and marketing management positions within Adobe including serving seven years as Director of Quality Assurance for Adobe’s PostScript printing and driver products. Prior to Adobe, he served in engineering management positions in the areas of laser printer, office automation systems, and computer operating system development.

Currently (post-Adobe), Dov continues to support the publishing community with continued involvement in ISO standards development, the PDF Association, and various online communities. He is also a passionate end-user of digital publishing, photography, and PDF workflow products.

Dov Isaacs received his PhD in Computer Science from the Ohio State University as well as an MBA in management systems from Cornell University, and a BS in Electrical Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.