David Mittman

David Mittman is Manager of Enterprise and Information Systems Engineering at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, where he leads the delivery of processes, tools, and services that are specially designed to serve the needs of the scientists, engineers, and technicians of JPL’s Engineering and Science Directorate. David has worked at JPL since joining the Lab in 1986. Beginning in 1994, David developed the surface operations scenario planning tool, co-developed the surface operations mission scenarios, and served as Flight Engineer, Flight Controller, and Flight Director for Mars Pathfinder, which put the first rover on Mars. David was a member of the Spitzer Space Telescope Ground Data System team where, beginning in 1997, he designed and implemented the project’s planning and scheduling system and was a member of the Observatory Planning and Scheduling Team. David was a member of the Ensemble project management team, a collaborative inter-Center component-based open architecture for the development, integration, and deployment of software for space mission ground data systems. Beginning in 2013, David was the Deputy Manager for the Planning and Execution Systems Section, where he led the development of a portfolio of software for planning and monitoring the execution of activities on JPL’s robotic spacecraft. David, in collaboration with colleagues from JPL’s Information and Technology Services Directorate, has been promoting the responsible adoption of new software tools and technologies across the Lab in preparation for our next 60 years of supporting NASA’s mission of exploration.