Bernd Wild

Dr. Bernd Wild is originally a graduate physicist. After completing his studies, he worked for several years at a computer science research center in the field of artificial intelligence and its possible applications in industrial processes. Upon obtaining his PhD, Dr. Wild was responsible for the organization and management of C/S software development at an IT … Read more

Carsten Heiermann

Carsten Heiermann is Chief Evangelist at Foxit Software. Since 1995, Carsten has been founder and CEO of the LuraTech group acquired by Foxit in 2015, where he first lead Foxit Europe’s organization as CEO and served as global President of Foxit‘s Enterprise Automation Business Unit after. After studying communications engineering and undertaking work in various IT companies, since 1995, Carsten … Read more

Dietrich von Seggern

Dietrich von Seggern received his degree as a printing engineer, and in 1991 started his professional career as head of desktop prepress production in a reproduction house. He became involved in research projects for digital transmission of print files, and moved to the German Newspaper Marketing Organisation (ZMG). There Dietrich was responsible for a project to … Read more

Thomas Merz

Thomas Merz is managing director of PDFlib GmbH, the software company he founded 2000 in Munich (Germany). Since obtaining his master’s degree in mathematics in 1990, Thomas Merz has been occupied with computer graphics and cryptography. His membership in Adobe’s Developers Association brought him in contact with the earliest versions of Acrobat and PDF. Subsequently … Read more

Alexandra Oettler

Alexandra Oettler has worked for years as a freelance journalist in the areas of software, print and media. Her work is regularly published in specialist journals on the subject of prepress in practice, software technology and financial developments in the publishing sector. She  writes news and background reports for the online editions of several journals. She … Read more

Betsy Fanning

Betsy Fanning is a consultant to the PDF Association, Inc. leading its standards program efforts. In this capacity, she is the administrator for the U.S. Technical Advisory Group to ISO TC171 SC2 and the ANSI secretary for ISO TC171 Subcommittee 2, and supports NISO (National Information Standards Organization) with their standards program. Prior to becoming … Read more

Leonard Rosenthol

Leonard Rosenthol is the Senior Principal Architect for PDF & the Document Cloud at Adobe, having been involved with PDF technology for more than 20 years. He represents Adobe on various international standards bodies including the ISO (where he is the Project Editor for PDF/A, PDF/X and PDF/E), W3C and ETSI/ESI (where he authored the … Read more