New application for organizing and linking large document collections

Excerpt: Norwegian company Protosys has created a new end-user toolkit for working with large document collections and binders. The software is developed for the legal industry and other industries that need to organize and make accessible larger amounts of documents.

About the author:

January 1, 1970

The Norwegian company Protosys has released the independent desktop application PdfClerk assisting legal clerks and others working with large document collections and binders.  The tool offers several functionalities currently hard to come by, including

  • Automatic transformation of textual references to hyperlinks
  • Automatic creation on fully customizable tables of contents and indexes based on MS Word or HTML templates
  • Allow extraction, adding and editing document metadata to be used in bookmarks, table of contents and stamps
  • An internal link specification allowing links in source documents like PDF, HTML, and Word to tailored an transformed into proper pdf links
  • Export and import of metadata using spreadsheets

In addition to performing more streamlined tasks, PdfClerk is meant to aid as a swiss army knife when organizing and making accessible larger amounts of documents.

More information about the product is available at the product web site: