In 1995 Scansystem was founded in São Paulo – Brazil, with a very clear target: Distribute special scanners such as book, maps, checks, microfilm and other different scanners to the Brazilian market.
In 1997 we were appointed as AGFA’s Exclusive Distributor for Micrographics products in Brazil. One year after that we opened an office in Lisbon – Portugal to give support to our international business and become closer to our main suppliers.
In 2000, we decide to start on the document scanner business, and sign some contracts with the major manufacturers of this kind of scanners, to become their dealers in Brazil, such as Fujitsu, Canon, Kodak and Avision. On the next years, we received the award of Micrographic Company of Year ( 2002 and 2009), and Revelation Company of the year in 2005.
Today we have 17 employees, and a revenue of 2.5 mil USD in 2012. Some of the renewed companies that we distribute in Brazil are: Avision, AGFA, Canon, Colortrac, Epson, E-ImageData, Fujitsu, Inotec, Luratech, Nextscan, Plustek, Treventus and Zeutschel.
Our range of equipments cover basically almost all kind of documents:

  • Document Scanners
  • Consumables for Microfilm
  • Book Scanners (manual & auto)
  • Newspaper Scanners
  • Check Scanners
  • Wide Format Scanners
  • Microfilm Scanners (manual & auto)
  • Hybrid Scanners
  • Archive Writer ( 16/35mm)
  • Special Softwares
  • Portable Scanners