Headquartered in Saarbrücken, Germany, RealObjects provides W3C standard-compliant, cross-platform software tools for electronic publishing, content authoring and web-to-print.

RealObjects’ W3C standards-based publishing solution PDFreactor is an industry-recognized flagship product, which is used for server-side conversion of HTML to PDF whenever electronic and typeset-quality print output of business content is required. It is the perfect printing component for web applications, incl. database publishing, web-to-print, PIM, DMS, MDM, DAM, WCMS, VDP etc.

The company also ranks as a pioneering developer of easy-to-use, affordable and quick-to-deploy online HTML editor solutions, which enable content authoring in web- and Java-based applications. The latest Nimbudocs Editor is the perfect editing component for cloud and web applications. It provides real-time collaborative WYSIWYG editing functionality with PDF preview & export and easily turns cloud or web applications into live document services. As a professional online document editor it is a perfect fit for web-to-print solutions and seamlessly integrates with a wide range of workflows and production platforms.

All current RealObjects products emerged from Project MARTHA, an integrated application framework that enables enterprise developers to create powerful HTML and XML editing as well as rendering applications in pure Java.

Founded in May 2000, the privately held and self-funded software company has about 3000 corporate customers in over 40 countries, ranging from small businesses to Fortune 500 enterprises, educational institutions as well as government and non-profit organizations. A network of strategic business alliances, resellers and OEM partners/customers has been established over the years.

RealObjects and PDF/A:

RealObjects PDFreactor enables electronic publishing and web-to-print, supporting the latest W3C Web Standards for CSS 2.1, CSS 3, HTML and XML, providing the highest flexibility and interoperability. It allows you to transfer JavaScript driven layouts to PDF and supports HTML 5 Canvas, HighCharts, amCharts and other JavaScript libraries out of the box. PDFreactor also supports CSS Regions, PDF Comments and Running Elements. The Raster Image Output functionality to create PNG, JPG, GIF, TIFF or BMP images instead of PDF documents is available optionally.

PDFreactor is the perfect printing component for web applications. It is typically used for server-side conversion of HTML to PDF, ranging from dynamic data-driven documents (reports, invoices, forms, data sheets) for electronic distribution to complex and high-quality PDFs (catalogs, marketing collateral, technical documentation, journals) for print and electronic publishing.

RealObjects also offers a special PDFreactor edition for Pimcore, the first open-source multi-channel experience and engagement management platform. Seamlessly integrated into the Pimcore PIM multi-channel-publishing & web-to-print enterprise add-on, it enables Pimcore PIM users to automatically create high-quality PDF print catalogs including printer marks for trim, bleed, registration and color bars.

PDFreactor supports the conversion of HTML and XML content into PDF/A (1a,3a) conformant documents and the creation of tagged PDF documents in line with accessibility guidelines, including Section 508. The requirements of ISO specifications 19005-1:2005 are automatically achieved.