With almost 25 years of experience, profiforms is one of the leading innovative technical providers within the Business Communication Solutions sector.

We enable our customers to communicate both efficiently and at the cutting edge of technology, as well as across multiple channels, while at the same time reducing the size of their processes.

Efficient document creation, management, delivery and archiving are our foundation, on which we develop tailor-made and individual solutions. On site and in the cloud.

Our main target groups are companies, that produce large quantities of documents and have to process them as well as companies, which can benefit from outsourcing their document management into cloud solutions. But also private customers, who want less effort with their documents, will find their solution at profiforms.

The vision

To compile individual software for the Business Communication Solutions sector, which is so flexible, that it can withstand any future changes within the IT-world.


profiforms uses advanced and flexible technologies, which can be used for a wide range of different processes. This puts profiforms at the forefront of software vendors within the Business Communication Solutions sector.

Mission Statement

“It is our intention, now and in the future, to implement customized solutions in the area of Business Communication Solutions. We accept challenges from new developments within the market and react accordingly with innovative solutions.”