PDFTron Systems Inc. is a global provider of industry-leading, high-performance document processing and conversion technology related to PDF, XPS, SVG, and other graphic file formats. Our flagship cross-platform PDF library, PDFNet SDK, provides organizations a cost-effective, reliable, and easy way to seamlessly integrate full-spectrum PDF capabilities and document conversion functionality with complex enterprise-wide document management and publishing workflows, interactive client applications, as well as high-traffic server-based applications.

PDFTron made the investment into developing top-quality, industrial-strength library components and tools, allowing customers to focus their development resources on areas that differentiate them from competitors and on maximizing a presence in the marketplace.

PDFNet SDK and other PDFTron core technology were developed from ground up and are upgraded frequently to ensure full conformance with all PDF Standard revisions, including the latest PDF Specification ISO 32000. PDFTron’s tools and components also support PDF/A, including PDF/A creation, PDF to PDF/A conversion and validation of PDF/A files against the ISO 19005-1 PDF/A Specification.

Our commitment to the evolution of PDF and other document standards, our intensive focus on R&D, and our ability to think outside the box, enables us to produce standards-compliant, yet innovative solutions and technologies that will meet the most-demanding and ever-changing market needs and trends.

We ensure that our components are built on an open architecture that is highly portable, customizable, supporting multiple languages running on a variety of platforms, including mobile platforms.

Forward-thinking, customer-centric, and quality-obsessed are some of the distinguishing traits that have turned PDFTron into the primary resource for developers, government service providers, OEMs, ISVs, and IT experts in virtually all industry areas. As a result, PDFTron’s technology has been integrated into thousands of leading commercial applications used by tens of thousands of users worldwide, and is powering a wide range of critical enterprise and server-based solutions within internationally recognized organizations.