Optimal Systems GmbH

Optimal Systems was founded in 1991 in Berlin, where we now maintain the headquarters of our 5 branches in Germany. With around 120 employees, we develop and sell products and solutions for Enterprise Content Management. Our aim is to simplify complex business environments by smoothing work processes: with an optimum of clarity, quickness, security and timeliness. In every department, on every company level and in all industries. For our developers this means designing software which can adjust itself flexibly to the organizational and IT structures of a company and according to requirements. From this a core concept follows: modularity. At the same time, we place value on the stability and reliability of proven technology standards. For in one of the fastest moving industries of all, the latest is not always the best. Therefore, we consciously avoid hypes. Optimal Systems and PDF/A OS.5|ECM provides you with all options for storing your documents and data, so that they can be retrieved again in 50 years. The new standard for archiving documents, PDF/A, makes it possible. OS recognized the importance of this standard early on and reacted quickly, becoming the first ECM software provider to join the PDF/A Competence Center.