The OpenLimit SignCubes AG is an internationally leading provider of manufacturer-approved software for electronic signatures and identities. At our main office in Switzerland and our branch office in Germany we are passionately working to offer our customers technologically perfected and practical solutions. Our products enable legally compliant and efficient management of electronic documents in all business areas. OpenLimit holds the very first security certification according to the highest international security standard for software products Common Criteria EAL 4+ which guarantees the uppermost degree of legal validity of our software solutions. OpenLimit offers a modular system of software components for generating and verifying qualified and advanced signatures, for electronic authentication and revision-safe long-term archiving of electronic documents. We link up these modules into made-to-measure software products that can be applied as client-, server- or integration-solutions – enhancing security, quality and speed of processes. Each software solution is based on the SignCubes Base Components certified by the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) according to the internationally recognized highest security standard for software products. Our products support many international smartcards as well as the most common signature cards on the German market. We are already well prepared for the integration of cards that will be issued in the near future – e.g. the new German electronic identity card and the electronic health card.

OpenLimit SignCubes AG and PDF/A

Use OpenLimit CC Sign to generate qualified or advanced electronic signatures, if required even directly in Adobe Reader or Acrobat. Verify the validity of existing signatures. Simply sign your documents with a mouse click and convert them into PDF/A format for long-term archiving purposes. You can then control how they are used in your electronic workflow or mail them as encrypted attachments.