Normex is your trusted partner in software development, product management, and quality assurance. We have more than 20 years of experience with PDF.

As a software developer, we have been continuously delivering one of the most successful products on the PDF market with millions of users.

Normex consists of highly skilled professionals with engineering excellence, self-motivated individuals, established PDF experts, managers, and developers with strong understanding of digital documents, market needs, existing trends, and the whole complexity of document workflows and management. We provide custom development, and consultations and help businesses to build, deliver, sale and support advanced products.

Normex team members will help you architect, design, develop and test effective applications and components for all platforms from desktop and mobile to cloud. Our investments into research enable us to work with cutting edge technologies, adopt new principles and working habits. The wide range of our specializations enable you to focus on the core of your business and be ahead of others.

We specialise in modern, cross-platform C++ software dev., PDF, computer graphics, and image processing. Our optimised solutions and algorithms are used in PDF rendering and printing engines. For over 20 years, we’ve been developing all major PDF features in high quality PDF library.

As we have gained experience with PDF security, digital signatures, export and import, data extraction, low and high level PDF editing, forms, XFA, annotations, scanning & OCR, we are able to design and build PDF solutions very quickly and effectively.

Normex team is able to work in various environments and has extensive experiences with Java, HTML 5, CSS, Javascript, as well as other standard languages. With our headquarters in Nitra, Slovakia, we are located in the heart of the EU.