Mimotek BV

Mimotek develops software tools that process PDF files, with an emphasis on content extraction and format conversion. The common theme of the company’s products is the semi-automatic determination of the logical structure of documents, allowing content to be organised in a way that allows a structure tree to be built, resulting in a Tagged PDF file. Access to a document’s logical structure allows text to be extracted in reading order and the components of units such (as newspaper or magazine articles) to be exported as a unit. And the creation of Tagged PDF allows general PDFs to be converted to specialised formats including PDF/UA, PDF/A-1a, ZUGFeRD and Factur-X. Mimotek was founded in 2002 and its involvement with PDF dates back more than 25 years to the format’s introduction, when Mimotek’s key employees were both working at Adobe Systems. During its lifetime, Mimotek has amassed a rich codebase of PDF processing software, which can be used for the rapid development of specific tools to meet individual clients’ ad hoc requirements.