Locklizard provides security for PDF documents.  We use public key technology, encryption, DRM and licensing controls as a strong alternative to PDF password protection.  We stop unauthorized access and control PDF use, enabling document Publishers to share and sell PDF files securely.

  • Stop document sharing
  • Stop copying and pasting
  • Stop editing of documents and form fields
  • Stop saving and printing to unprotected files
  • Disable printing, limit prints or enforce degraded printing
  • Stop screen grabbing
  • Expire documents and users
  • Dynamically watermark documents
  • Lock use to devices and locations
  • Instantly revoke access
  • Track use

Protect PDF files on your local computer (no uploading to cloud servers) and distribute them just like any other file.

Locklizard uses its own secure PDF readers to enforce DRM controls – there are no insecure passwords, logins, JavaScript or plugins to compromise your security.

Use our PDF DRM software to protect, control, & track confidential, sensitive and revenue-generating documents on any device, in any location.