levigo solutions gmbh

levigo solutions is specialised on solutions in the document management area. With own products (jadice product family) and specially developed software solutions workflow and processes in document management systems are enabled or supported, customer-specific projects are realised and individual services are offered. Leading insurance companies like Allianz and IT-services like FIDUCIA IT AG use jadice products in their companies.

levigo solutions belongs to the levigo group domiciled in Holzgerlingen which was founded in 1997 under the name of cogito Informationssysteme gmbh in the Softwarecenter Böblingen/Sindelfingen.

levigo solutions and PDF/A

jadice viewer, a high-performant document viewer, makes out the core of the jadice product family. Based on Java, jadice is platform-independent and offers a fast displaying of all usual archiving formats. Of course these formats also include the ISO-standardised format for long term archiving: PDF/A.

The jadice document model allows a format-independent displaying as well as the creating and viewing of virtual documents which may derive from the most different formats and origines. Both PDF/A documents and documents of further standard archiving formats benefit from these complex possibilities. These include in particular the support of archive-side annotations, the setting of bookmarks as well as the possibility to sort pages, to use different lenses or simply to print.

In addition to this jadice’s flexible interfaces make it possible to link-up authentication systems and plug in systems which capture signatures and recognise barcodes.