eDocuMAN Fz LLC. is a company incorporated in Dubai Internet City in 2002, to offer business applications and professional services in document management and electronic archiving. A rapidly evolving market and its never-exhausting demands enforce organizations and its people to harness information management compliant (IMC) systems. eDocuMAN endeavors to play a major role in providing products, solutions and services for paper-to-digital conversion. eDocuMAN and PDF/A eDocuMAN offers a diverse suite of solutions from robust imaging, digital signaturing and indexing to support the creation of PDF/A-1b compliant archives. The organisation has applied and refined several years of real-world knowledge and experience to develop a process, software suite and implementation methodology for production level archiving from paper documents to PDF/A compliant outputs. eDocuMAN, through its turkey solutions of various sizes and configurations, provides corporate legal departments, government services and multi-national firms a solid platform ‘TO GET RID OF PAPER IN A LEGAL MANNER’. Millions of pages can now be scanned and secured as primary evidences in lieu of paper by use of PDF/A standards. Dubai World (the largest corporate in UAE) has recently completed the entire process of image legalisation based on PDF/A solution, thus setting the basis of revolutionising e-records acceptance in the UAE courts.