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Who we are and what we do

Docbyte is a top solution provider specialized in implementing and automating as though paper never existed. We believe that fully-digital business interactions can make the world a better place. Therefore, We want to help every organization with their digital transformation in the best possible way. How ? By creating and implementing the perfect information management solutions that meet your specific needs ! Plus, we implement information management solutions in the Finance & Insurance, Healthcare, Life Sciences, the Public sector and more.

Digital transformation is our passion ! Thus, we realise customized solutions that keep your business information accessible and organized with :

–        Digital Archiving : to track down vital information, simplify the searching and time-consuming processes and get rid of the physical files to keep the storing documents readability and valid.

–        Digital Mailroom : to gain time and trace incoming documents and verify that they were delivered to the right people in your organization even during the holidays. In the digital mailroom, every piece of mail is scanned with OCR technology, enabling intelligent capture and auto-classification to turn unstructured information into structured content.

–        Digital Onboarding : Filling out forms, sending ID and finding bills with less time and effort because the faster your onboarding process, the more customers will sign up. Docbyte has developed a fully configurable, EU-compliant mobile and web application that makes the acquisition process a breeze by using intelligent capture with mobile and real-time scanning technology.

–        Customer Communication Management : It encompasses policies, proposals, forms, notices, endorsements & renewals, claims, annual & portfolio statements, bills etc. However, when it comes to transforming these communications digitally, legacy systems pose significant barriers, leading to inconsistencies in communications.

–        Digital Sealing : A digitally sealed document is technically speaking a digital signature but where the signing key belongs to a legal entity (e.g. a corporation) and often the signature is applied by a business application rather than a human. This is needed for e-invoices, e-statements, e-bills and e-receipts.

–        Invoice Management : User-friendly and secure web interface that allows 24/7 access to information and invoices.

–        Electronic Patient Archive : Get instant access to complete patient records and share among other clinical staff with version control and guarantee the integrity of the information by ensuring access to complete files with no missing documents.

–        Quality Management : Automate the process of managing controlled documents with Docbyte’s Quality Management. You take care of the content, while we take care of the workflows, revision cycles, document security, rendition- and version management. It supports your compliance officer and takes the repetitive headaches away.

Start your digital transformation to increase efficiency at your organization.

Our services

Our products are developed as application retirement, back-up solutions, hosting services, migration services, performance monitors and support services. We rely on our expertise and so can you.