dmstools AG

dmstools AG, located in southern Germany, is a manufacturer of add-on products to document management and enterprise content management systems. The product range contains also solutions for creating and editing PDF/A documents. dmstools products are sold under its own label as well as under the labels of multiple leading software manufacturers. dmstools AG and PDF/A dmstools is an “early adopter” of the PDF/A standard. Already by the end of 2005, just weeks after the standard had been released, we put the first version of the dmstools printer with PDF/A support on the market. Also by late 2005 we carried out the first projects using the dmstools PDF converter to convert images to PDF/A in great volume (scanning service providers). Since then we have been working to improve and extend the PDF/A support in our products. Among others, we have been adding products that allow users to convert various data formats to PDF/A on both servers and clients.