Computing System Innovations

The world is changing fast – instantaneous transmission of digital data is a new reality – and it is creating unparalleled opportunities for advancement.  But to capitalize on those opportunities, people need the power of safe data at their fingertips 24/7. CSI creates the technology that delivers exactly what people need to find, track and keep their information safe in this brave new world.

Our products are proven solutions that revolutionize the way people address information issues – every day. Our passion for this mission makes us strive to build even better solutions for you – every day. That’s why we built Intellidact AI – the most advanced machine learning software to automate document classification, data extraction, and redaction. That’s why we built TrakMan – the most powerful Records and Evidence Tracking Management system on the market. And that’s why we continue to develop new cutting-edge solutions like Intellidact Robotic Process Automation to help businesses and organizations automate their manual workflows.

CSI makes finding, tracking and protecting your data simple, efficient and cost-effective for YOU.