Bridge Technologies

Located in Italy, Bridge Technologies has focused its mission on developing document automation solutions and products. The Company’s offering is based on software development capabilities and project skills of its consultants and on a continuous attention to its technical growth and the market needs. Bridge Technologies is specialized in developing software solutions for transformation and engineering of document data streams that have to be worked for printing, archiving or document consultation. Bridge Technologies works to solve processes and technological issues related to the whole digital document lifecycle selling both out-of-the-box applications and complex customized solutions supported by an effective projectual approach that addresses the business and technological needs of its customers. Bridge Technologies proposes itself as an Italian and International point of reference in the field of information treatment and of Hybrid Mail solutions through its competencies and its technology partner alliances. Bridge Technologies sells its experience and integrates technologies infrastructures building up complete solutions for Document Automation projects supporting its customers creating document production processes and systems related to digital document channels and to high volume printing or postal systems. Bridge Technologies and PDF/A Bridge Technologies supports enterprise customers, such as Postal Service companies, that need to modify, convert or manage high volume document data streams sent both to high volume printing systems and to document archiving systems. In order to solve its customers needs in the most effective way, Bridge Technologies is committed in bringing to the market the PDF/A standard and in developing software products and solutions that integrate PDF/A as a valid and certified support to reach a real effective document automation management.