Adlib Software

As the trusted expert in Advanced Rendering, Adlib specializes in the conversion and assembly of corporate assets into high-quality, searchable PDF’s to improve collaboration, compliance, document security, archiving procedures and overall efficiency of business processes. Adlib integrates with and leverages leading Enterprise Content Management systems, including EMC Documentum, IBM FileNet, Microsoft SharePoint and OpenText with workflow-based business rules for intelligent document conversion. Adlib products integrate seamlessly with enterprise applications including document management and content management solutions. Adlib provides the document conversion, publishing and workflow foundation that increases productivity in businesses worldwide and the effectiveness of people across organizations, while supporting compliance with internal processes and regulatory bodies using standard electronic document formats such as PDF, PDF/X and PDF/A. Products and Partnerships Adlib PDF is the industry’s first complete Advanced Rendering platform that enables document-to-PDF transformation by automating the conversion of corporate documents into accessible and usable digital assets that streamline document-intensive business processes to improve collaboration, increase efficiency, mitigate risk and reduce costs company-wide. Adlib helps organizations around the world to become more productive, reduce errors and inconsistencies, and realize significant cost savings. Being the trusted technology provider of Global 2000 organizations, Adlib brings over a decade of expertise supporting more than 5,500 international companies and government organizations. Adlib partners with more than 100 industry leading software vendors such as EMC, IBM, Microsoft, OpenText, K2, Nintex and Dassault. Adlib is a proud Microsoft Certified Gold Partner, Gold Certified ISV Partner, EMC Certified Solutions Partner, as well as a US Government GSA provider. Working with our valued customers in a wide variety of industries including Life Sciences, Financial Services and Government, we help organizations capture and preserve corporate memory, automate processes, mitigate risk, adhere to regulatory compliance and improve competitiveness. For more information, visit Adlib and PDF/A By joining the PDF/A Competence Center, Adlib is committed to the ongoing development and maintenance of global standards for digital archiving, known as PDF Archive (PDF/A). PDF/A is the ISO standard used for the long-term archiving of converted and scanned documents and is currently generating a great deal of interest in the market. Adlib’s portfolio of PDF conversion, recognition and publishing solutions provides enterprise-grade offering for creating PDF files. Adlib products support the following PDF/A functionality:

  • Validation Tools: As an active member of the PDF/A Competence Center, Adlib tested the quality of our PDF/A capabilities using files from the Isartor Test Suite, which resulted in 99% success where it successfully detected 202 out of 204 documents that were not PDF/A-1b compliant.
  • Preflight checks: Adlib can automate the validation PDF documents for PDF/A-1b compliance.
  • PDF to PDF/A Repair: Adlib is able to correct a wide range of issues associated with legacy PDFs to maximize the number that will become a valid/accessible PDF/A for long-term archival. Adlib will correct namespaces, tags and properly embed fonts to enable enterprises to achieve a higher success rate than with other solutions. This reduces costs by automating what would otherwise be a time-consuming and difficult manual repair of the documents.
  • Optimal Fidelity and Searchability: Some vendors take a simplified approach to PDF/A by flattening files to an image format then wrapping that image with a PDF/A wrapper. It is a valid solution, but loses the true value which is the important original content within the document. Adlib extends the notion of searchability by taking documents that arrive as images and turning them into a searchable, validated PDF/A, using industry-leading OCR technology, allowing the content to be properly searched and leveraged by the enterprise.