Actuate-Xenos Group

Actuate Content Services provides organizations with the power to develop, implement and manage accessible customer communications management solutions. Our technology is used to design, process, store and deliver high volume content such as statements, policies, bills and correspondence such as letters, quotes and contract management for top-tier organizations in Financial Services, Insurance and Telecommunications. The Actuate Accessibility Appliance is revolutionizing the way organizations address PDF document accessibility to meet regulatory requirements. A self-contained VM solution, it is easy to use, easy to deploy, and delivers accessible output that complies with WCAG 2.0 Conformance Level AA standards. The Accessibility Appliance is the only print stream and PDF remediation software solution on the market that automates the remediation of complex transactional statements for batch or real-time applications. Expensive, labor-intensive accessibility services simply cannot handle the massive volumes associated with transactional content. Actuate Document Transform is the highest performing, most accurate, and easily deployed print stream and PDF document transformation engine on the market today. A unique graphical design environment simplifies the development and deployment of complex transformation projects. Actuate Field Technology allows designers to extract content from print streams or PDF documents into structured formats. Actuate Data Transform simplifies the extraction and integration of data from relational databases and structured formats. It validates and translates data according to business rules for use in document composition, data warehousing, and enterprise application integration.