Optimising PDF for Print, Digital and Accessible channels

In today’s digital world, PDF has become the most widely used format for customer communications management (CCM). Many organisations are struggling to achieve successful workflow management, production processing, streamlining access, and online delivery whilst ensuring document accessibility. If you are experiencing difficulties related to anything within PDF workflows, you should not miss this presentation. Tim … Read more

High-Security PDF Redactions

There is a well-defined mechanism for doing Redactions in PDF files; first, creating “redaction annotations” to mark up the items to be redacted, and then second, applying those annotations all at once. While simple in theory, in practice this process has been found to leak information. In particular, in a number of recent, high profile … Read more

The ISO PDF/R 1.0 standard

PDF/R – the new ISO 23504-1:2020 standard for raster image data interchange. This session offers a summary and discusses how PDF/R can help modernize and secure scanned image data transfer, especially in the age of cloud and mobile business workflows.