Leveling up RichMedia

The RichMedia Annotation has been embraced by the 3D PDF community for moving forward with PDF 2.0; But exploiting the potential for Audio and Video RichMedia Content has proven more challenging.  We will discuss the several generations of embedded multimedia mechanisms in the PDF specifications,  the current (sad) state of multimedia support in the PDF … Read more

PDF Optimization horror-stories

Optimizing PDFs to contain just the right amount of structural information can sometimes be quite challenging. We would like to present autopsies of some of the more gruesome PDF Optimization issues that we’ve encountered. Exact case studies TBD, but potentially touching on Font optimization, weird resource trees, weird structure trees, and auditing PDF space usage.

Examining PDFs as an aggregate

PDFs is not a single application’s file format, it is a file format shared with thousands of applications, and each PDF producer seemingly has their own quirks for generating PDFs. What can we learn by examining a couple of largish collections of PDF as an aggregate sample of PDFs? Within these file sets: which are … Read more