How document understanding can leverage your PDF workflow

Document understanding is a constantly addressed topic and has become on top of the scene these last years with Deep Learning and NLP evolution. The PDF format is by nature unstructured, which implies sophisticated processes to extract and qualify information from such documents. In this presentation, we will discuss four ways to address challenges brought … Read more

Facing a pandemic: hit and miss of PDF, how could we have done better?

France had one of the most restrictive laws during the pandemic. Long before vaccine passports were available, people had to fill out, sign, and carry certificates when they left their homes. In addition, while PDF was the electronic file format available by default, the government was using a basic, outdated version of it. The experience … Read more

PDF/A Conversion and Validation Challenges

We will examine how specific problems are handled in these (not so) similar processes. Sometimes PDF/A validation can be more complex than PDF/A conversion, and in other cases, is it the other way around. What makes a document difficult to convert or validate? And how to overcome these challenges? 

Remove sensitive and personal data from your PDF documents with redaction

Adoptez les meilleures pratiques pour extraire et supprimer de manière définitive les données sensibles de vos documents PDF natifs ou scannés dans tout type d’application. Ce procédé (“redaction” en anglais) est une étape essentielle pour tout système de gestion de documents électroniques, notamment dans le cadre de la conformité RGPD. 

The PDF format, an essential tool for the digital transformation

Le format PDF est une véritable boite à outil qui permet de résoudre les nombreux challenges posés par la transformation numérique (acquisition, impression, archivage, mais aussi interopérabilité, accessibilité, sécurité et Green IT).  Polyvalent, normalisé et universel, le PDF est en perpétuelle évolution et s’adapte aux besoins de tous grâce à une communauté active qui fait … Read more