Executive Briefing

Join CEO Duff Johnson and CTO Peter Wyatt as they discuss current and future PDF Association initiatives. Intended primarily for members, this session is also open to non-members.

Making sense of PDF structures in the wild at scale

PDFs in the wild offer a bewildering amount of variation in syntax, features and structure.  For those building parsers or evaluating parsers, it is critical to have a broad coverage corpus available to assess and discover distributions of issues “in the wild” or on specific client document sets.  In this talk, our team will present … Read more

PDF/UA und Office – Aktueller Stand

Was hat sich seit den letzten PDF Days beim PDF-Export mit Bordmitteln von Microsoft Office oder LibreOffice getan? Die Erstellung von vollständig barrierefreien PDF-Dokumente nach PDF/UA-Standard ist nach wie vor nicht möglich und erfordert eine Nachbereitung. Aber von Jahr zu Jahr kommt der PDF-Export einem brauchbaren Ergebnis näher. In dem Vortrag werden die wesentlichen Neuerungen … Read more

PDF/A Conversion and Validation Challenges

We will examine how specific problems are handled in these (not so) similar processes. Sometimes PDF/A validation can be more complex than PDF/A conversion, and in other cases, is it the other way around. What makes a document difficult to convert or validate? And how to overcome these challenges? 

WCAG or PDF/UA: what’s the difference

At the moment WCAG validation is a legal requirement, while PDF/UA is not (unfortunately). In this talk we make an attempt to perform a gap analysis between these standards, taking PDF/UA-1 and Matterhorn 1.1 protocol as a basis and analyzing the differences. In particular, we suggest parts of PDF/UA-1, which are not a part of WCAG … Read more

Deriving HTML from PDF – lessons learned

Two years after introducing Deriving HTML from PDF document, two years after implementing the core concept, after processing countless authored and un-authored pdf files we will share our experiences. To successfully adopt the idea, developers need to understand the implementation challenges, authors have to change their habits in producing pdf files. We will discuss gaps … Read more

How to make e-Signing interoperable

This presentations sorts out digital signatures and e-Signing and describes the current status of e-Signing, with its non-interoperable, cloud based workflows. Can PDF turn e-Signing into an interoperable workflow? Can PDF carry proprietary data of the signing process and the audit-trail information? Can PDF help tracking the signing process, even outside of cloud e-Signing solutions, … Read more

The Arlington PDF Model

This talk will present the Arlington PDF Model as the first open access, vendor-neutral, comprehensive, specification-derived machine-readable definition of all formally defined PDF objects and their intra- and inter-object relationships. This represents the bulk of the latest 1,000-page ISO PDF 2.0 specification in a machine-readable text-based definition of the entire PDF DOM. It establishes a … Read more

SafeDocs – towards a more secure future

This talk will present industry-relevant outcomes from the DARPA-funded “SafeDocs” research program, as well as reviewing future directions. This research is aimed at reducing the attack surface of parsing software, and identifying and removing inherent weaknesses in the file formats, including PDF and its many nested formats. Outcomes include: the “Issue Tracker” corpus comprising 1000s … Read more

OpenType color fonts in PDF

We are used to setting text in color, but for decades operating systems and font formats supported only monochrome fonts where the font specifies only the shape of a glyph, but not its color. While you can apply color when using the font, individual glyphs didn’t contain their own colors. The rising popularity of emoji … Read more