Do You Leverage a Print ADF? Successful Results Say You Really Should

Excerpt: Pat McGrew and Drew Sprague discuss the benefits of feature-rich Automated Document Factory (ADF) solutions to Print Service Providers (PSPs), including PDF-centric workflows and the opportunity to leverage JDF and JMF connections.

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June 17, 2021

The term Automated Document Factory (ADF) might sound familiar, especially if you have worked in or around print over the last three decades. For the printing industry, an Automated Document Factory (ADF) was commonly talked about in the 1990s as a method to solve point-to-point challenges. As the sophistication of both print devices and software has increased, an Automated Document Factory (ADF) now provides the capabilities and benefits to repurpose communications or documents so they can be used in multichannel delivery.

In this SolimarSecrets video, Pat McGrew, Industry Expert, Analyst and Managing Director of McGrewGroup, and our Solimar President, Drew Sprague, discuss the Automated Document Factory (ADF), the history, the current state and the future. As you will hear from the conversation, Pat loves the idea of what a software-driven Automated Document Factory (ADF) can bring to a Print Service Provider (PSPs) as it can open the doors to more business and reduced costs. Drew shares the benefits Solimar sees in offering a feature-rich Automated Document Factory (ADF) solution to Print Service Providers (PSPs). This includes the benefits of transitioning to a White Paper Factory (sometimes also referred to as a Plain Paper Factory), a PDF-centric workflow and the opportunity to leverage JDF and JMF connections.

As you watch this video, we hope you will find valuable information about why you should consider automation, templatization, and advanced methods of connecting your workflow from software to devices and digital channels. The Automated Document Factory (ADF) concept continues to create efficiencies for Print Service Providers (PSPs) with a diverse set of clients and production output needs. And as mentioned in the video, we have many case studies that help share the business benefits via our website. Also, watch for more SolimarSecrets videos on our channel.

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