David van Driessche

David started his career at Enfocus Software as software developer in 1996. He was soon promoted to Director of Software Development and became instrumental in building the company’s successful products. As of 2003, David served as the company’s CEO for close to two years. Shortly after that David co-founded and served as Chief Operating Officer … Read more

Joris Schellekens

Joris Schellekens is the CEO and founder of borb, the company behind the pure Python pdf library that goes by the same name. Joris has a passion for machine learning and AI, and applying those techniques to new fields.

Dr. Vladislav Mladenov

Vladislav Mladenov works as a security researcher at the Chair of Network and Data Security at the Ruhr University Bochum since 2012. In his dissertation he analyzed the security of Single Sign-On protocols such as SAML 2.0, OpenID, OpenID Connect and OAuth and discovered various vulnerabilities. After completing his doctorate Vladislav Mladenov works as a … Read more

Alexey Subach

Alexey Subach is the Director of Development at iText Group NV and he is responsible for engineering the flagship Text 7 Core Suite and iText DITO product offerings. He ensures the products have long enough architectural runway to adapt to the market as needed, and is building the team of passionate experts who work in … Read more