David Salamanek

My background has been related to technology and application solutions for over 25 years.  I joined SEAL Systems in 2000.  Specializing in IT systems and development, I was involved in various projects related to output management and file format translations.  For the past several years, I have worked as the general manager for SEAL Systems, … Read more

Aleksy Jones

Aleksy Jones is the Head of Systems and Rendering at PDFTron Systems Inc. He is responsible for PDFTron’s Office to PDF conversion technology, a position that has taught him deep appreciation for complexity and intricacies of both PDF and Office formats. Aleksy has spent many years crafting technological solutions to real business problems, and has developed a … Read more

Larry Masinter

Dr. Masinter was a Principal Scientist and researcher at Adobe and Xerox PARC, working on a wide variety of document systems and services. He was instrumental in the development of web standards including HTML, HTTP and URLs and the use of MIME types to name formats on the web.  For publications and presentations, consult https://LarryMasinter.net.

William Li

William is currently Color Products and Custom Development Manager with Eastman Kodak.  Kodak is transforming into a B2B company focused on its Commercial Imaging business. Kodak will be centered on commercial, packaging and functional printing solutions and enterprise services, markets in which it offers customers advanced technologies that give them a competitive edge.  William leads … Read more

Jean Haney

Jean Haney is the co-founder and president of Visual Integrity, long-standing specialists in PDF and vector graphics technologies. With more than 35 years of software industry experience and a fascination with good page design and typography, Jean enjoys distilling topics down to their essence and providing her audience with a few, “I didn’t know you … Read more

Sheri Byrne-Haber

Sheri Byrne-Haber has been working exclusively in the intersection of business/disability/technology for more than 15 years.  She previously built a global accessibility team at McDonald’s and is currently doing the same for VMware.  She has degrees in IT, law and business, and is CPACC and ADA certified.

Aykut Avci

Computer engineer with PhD degree. Has done extensive research and development on video coding standards, video capture/recording, and transcoding/streaming. Worked as a senior software development engineer in ClickShare, in Barco and was responsible for the highest-end ClickShare product called CSE-800. Currently contributing to iText, open source software company, as software development manager.  Has more than … Read more

Scott Gerschwer

Scott Gerschwer leads the marketing team at Compart North America and writes often about technology and international affairs. He blogs at and tweets @compart_mktg and teaches Business Communication courses at Western CT State University,

Kenny Swope

Kenneth (Kenny) Swope chairs Boeing’s Enterprise Business Architecture Team and is responsible for the company’s Commercial Airplanes Business Capabilities Architecture organization which oversees the integrated set of architecture products that describe Boeing’s multiple lines of business. With over 24 years at Boeing, Kenny provides technical oversight to business requirements, value stream definition, performance measures, business … Read more

Patrick Gallot

Patrick Gallot, has been working with software developers and PDFs since 2000. At Datalogics, he is the lead technical support Engineer for the Adobe PDF Library and Datalogics PDF Java Toolkit, helping our customers resolve their complex questions and challenges. He is also active in the PDF community, presents at industry trade shows and events, … Read more